Motivational Monday #13: Just Keep Breathing

Monday, May 5, 2014

Your hero wears a cape, that's cute. Mine wears a bass and a camera.

This is Charles Trippy. He is one of my favourite YouTubers and the greatest inspiration in my life. He has been dealt a shitty hand, but everyday he gets up shakes off the day before and keeps filming it for the world to see. Three years ago, while on tour with his band We the Kings, he had his first seizure. It turned out to be a brain tumor, he got it removed and kept going. Months passed and he had another seizure, another tumor and brain cancer. He had surgery and is now on his 7th round of chemo and it has shrunk tremendously. Recently, he and wife, Alli, announced that they are separating. Charles could have gave up, but he didn't. Everyday since the announcement of their breakup he has posted his daily vlog as if nothing has happened. He kept on breathing.
I challenge you to follow in his footsteps. If something bad happens, keep going, keep trying and it will help you get through.

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