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Monday, June 30, 2014

I have been gone on sabbatical. I figured out that I had made too many promises to this blog and maybe myself. These promises were somewhat unrealistic with my current life situations. I have now come back, refreshed and with a keen sense of what I want out of this blog and what I want to share on it. Instead of the planned days and harsh schedule that I tried to adhere to, I am going to go free form. I was starting to feel extremely burnt out trying to come up with a new lesson to preach for Motivational Mondays and plan a recipe to try for Tasty Tuesdays, and that was never what this blog was supposed to be.

I made this blog to document my life and to talk about things that I love. It was meant as a reprieve from my office day job. It was supposed to be a creative outlet. So from now on I will promise a minimum of one post per week. That may be more and, quite frankly, if I am busy with life or on holiday, it could be less. I do promise though that if I do miss a week, it will be made up for in the posts that come from needing to miss.

I have missed this, the feel of the keys floating away as I type my thoughts. I miss the comments, though few and far between, I miss looking at my statistics and realizing that people I don't know have read what I have wrote, and on some occasions, come back to read again.

So I suppose I do have a Motivational Monday lesson that can be learnt here. Do something for you, and if it becomes work, stop. We have enough work in our lives that the things we do to escape it should not be hard, but easy.

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