Motivational Monday: Beating the Monday Blues

Monday, March 16, 2015

Are you like me and have a hard time starting the week off right? Is Monday generally your grumpy day? Do you fall asleep at your desk? Then like me, you maybe a sufferer of the Monday Blues.

Historically symptoms have included fatigue, head ache, body aches, extreme moodiness and sometimes even result in overeating and feeling even worse.

So how do we stop it? Well, thats a good question and the answer has eluded me since I developed this problem early in adulthood. You can try and escape it, but it will always sneak up on you. So here's a thought, use your Monday Blues for the better. If you want to be alone for most of the day, be alone, but be productive. Read that book that you have had on your night stand forever. Go for a long walk and try and grab some endorphins. You could also be like me and write your thoughts and feelings down. Try and create a silver lining, make some lemonade...

Well have a good Monday, I hope this has helped you in some way to battle the blues. Tell me in the comments if you have any tips on this or what you like to do when your not feeling up to much.


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