Motivational Monday # 6 - Success and Complacency

Monday, March 17, 2014

What are you doing right now? Reading my blog, right? Well i mean in general. Are you in a job you hate, are you with a person that makes you complacent, do you live in a place that your content with?

I was watching one of my favourite YouTube vloggers, the Shaytards last week. They were doing a live show to celebrate hitting 5 years of daily vlogs. Something that they said really struck a chord with me. Don't do what you do to make money, do what you love and the success will come. They are perfect examples of this. The Shaytards started out living in a small house in Utah, loaded with debt and both working in jobs they hated. One day they created a YouTube channel, now five years in the future they have 5 kids, own two homes, live in California, are debt free and own a multi-million dollar internet production company.

Now not everyone is going to achieve the success they have, but what they have taught me in their vlogs is that choosing to be happy is the first step in having the life you always wanted. If you are at a job you hate, your never going to succeed at it. So if you really enjoy something and are passionate about it, don't be afraid to pursue it. Don't be complacent, you're worth it. Your sanity will thank you later.

I am doing what I love right now. I never took the time to realize it, but I really enjoy writing. This blog is allowing me to test my limits and skills. Now, my sister will tell you straight away that I have awful grammar and I never check my work before hitting publish, but so what, practice makes you better. I say better because you should improve and learn your whole life, if you become perfect at something and stop learning you will have nothing to strive for, nothing to dream about, and what fun would that be?

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