Motivational Monday #7 - Alright, Alright, Alright

Monday, March 24, 2014

Gratitude, thankful, appreciation. They all generally mean the same thing. Being grateful for what you have in life will only make you a better person. In his acceptance speech at the Oscars this year, Matthew McConaughey stated "It's a scientific fact that Gratitude Reciprocates". If you are thankful and appreciate your life, people in your life, your struggles, your wins, your opportunities, it will be worth it.

 Karma plays a big part. Even if you don't believe in karma, you have to realize the potential in not holding on to things, or grudges. What ever you believe in, whether it be god, aliens or evolution it has been proven that if you pay it forward, it will come back to you. This can be said for good or bad. Keep this in mind with how you live your life. Don't perpetuate hate, don't keep a rumor mill turning. You are in charge of your life and how you live it, just know that someone, somewhere is watching. That someone could even be your future self and you do not want to live with regret, it just weighs you down and eventually will swallow you whole.

Ok I am rambling now. Final words: Gratitude really does change everything.

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