Motivational Monday #8: Limbo

Monday, March 31, 2014

I am currently at a point in my life that I am not very comfortable with. I call it Limbo. I have recently graduated and am still trying to further my education to ensure a stable career. I do not have a significant other and I am happy with that. I am living at home, attempting to save money and pay down student debt. I have a job, maybe not my forever job, but a job in my field nonetheless. What I find discomforting is that all of my friends seem to be leaps and bounds ahead of me. Most are living on their own, most are in relationships with the people they are probably going to be with for the long haul and some even have mortgages and back yards. I can't help but feel slightly behind and somewhat envious of where they are. 
What I have come to realize, quite recently, is that maybe I can't compare where I am with where they are. Maybe things that I find hard right now seem to come easy to them because they got a head start. Maybe things that I find easy, are what they struggle with. You can never compare your life to someone else, because that's just it, its your life. Its how you live that counts. 

So maybe I don't have that cute apartment or that perfect husband, but I do have a nice new car, I have a job with new friends and I am content for the moment. I am in Limbo, but it is my beginning and that will change soon.


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