Motivational Monday #5 - I'm Back!!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Happy Monday All! 

After a short hiatus, I have returned to flood your life with positivity and such. Today's lesson really pertains to that, time off. Everyone needs to recharge sometimes and taking the time to do that will give you that much needed boost in all aspects of your life.

In the time since I returned from my vacation I have noticed that not only am I more efficient at work, I have seen a boost in my social calendar as well. Before I left I was too tired at the end of my day to even think about seeing friends or even going to dinner or a movie. Now I feel refreshed and ready to seize the day so to speak. So I encourage you all to take some time just for you, not necessarily go on a trip, but go and do something you like to do, something you are doing just for yourself. You will feel much better overall. 
Now with that comes some housekeeping. Our schedule is changing for a little bit. Over the last month, Just Paige has seen a tremendous amount of new readers, with that I want to make sure the content I am providing is top notch. For now, I will be posting 3 times a week with a fairly randomized schedule. I will still be posting Motivational Monday as everyone needs a Monday boost!

If you have any requests for posts, reviews or series I should consider, please post a comment below! As always if you liked what you read here, please share this post on your various social media pages, we need to build our army!

PS...My Vegas travel post is coming, I had to wait for a few things. Should be up sometime this week!

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