Look Into My Life: The Kin Concert - 04/05/2014

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

This past weekend I experienced something I have never done before. I went to Winnipeg, stayed in a hotel and went to a small bar concert. It was amazing. Good people, new friends, great music and lots of memories made.

The night started off with a delicious vegan meal at Winnipeg-based vegan restaurant, Boon Burger. It was so good. Every time I go there I am astounded at the fact that there is no animal based products whatsoever. I normally get the Thanksgiving Burger (still my fave) but this time I tried the Prairie Chick-un Burger. It was also delicious but couldn't topple old faithful.

We then headed to our hotel, Place Louis Riel. This hotel is so nice. Each room is like a mini apartment. It had a full size fridge, stove and dishwasher!! For the price, I would highly recommend for any stays downtown. What was great about it too was location. It was about a 5 minute walk to the concert venue (which proved important).

Once we got ready my friend Laura's friends came over to mingle before heading to the show. It was great to meet new people and Greg and Courtney are super awesome. I would definitely hang out with them again. We played some games and had a few drinks then walked over to the concert.

The concert was at a place called The Pyramid Cabaret. It was a bar type setting and was very "rock and roll". The show started with a local band, we are sure we heard them say their name was Latke's (potato pancakes right?) but can't be sure. They were alright, but could use a few lessons in sound checking. The second band is a band called Finish Ticket. When I heard they were opening the show, I went to YouTube to see what they were about, and they are great. A great indie sound with hints of Maroon 5. I also really enjoyed all of their haircuts (weird?). Go check them out here.

Then the big show came on. One of my favourite bands, The Kin. I first heard them back in January when they opened for Pink, but they are so good I had to make the trip back just for them. They are truly a great band and super awesome to their fans. A few songs in they actually came right down on the dance floor and did an unplugged show with the entire audience surrounding them in a tight circle. Very intimate and very cool. I kinda wished they had done the whole show from their! You should go listen to every song by them here.

Well that was a long one, but I really wanted to tell you all about it because it was such a great weekend. I want to give shutouts to my friends Charissa, Laura, Greg & Courtney for making it even better and to my sister Brianne for having her birthday the day before to give us a reason to go. The band is coming back in the fall, and I will definitely go again.

Have a good day all!

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