Motivational Monday #10: Friends

Monday, April 14, 2014

Recently, I went through a pretty horrible time when it came to my friends. I had a fight with one, that really wasn't either of our faults, but still ended very badly. This friendship will never be like it was and what I realized is that I am ok with that. My group of friends has not really changed since high school, but I have figured out through this experience that I have. My other friends said that the disagreement would not have an effect on our relationship, but I can't help thinking that it did. To me this is also ok.

What I am trying to get at on this wonderful Monday morning is that moving on and growing up are good things. Sometimes we have to move away from what we have always known to really find something great. Before you get ahead of yourselves, especially if this is my old friends reading this, I am not saying that my old relationships have ended or are ending. I am just at a point where I got  to comfortable and realized that my friends were moving on, and I was stuck. I have grown, I have learned, I have gone out of my comfort zone and what I have found on the other side is that I will always have my friends, but perhaps I have room for new ones too.

I recently started socializing with friends from work. They are a great group! I feel that for the most part, we are all at roughly the same stage in life and we all have so much in common. I can definitely call them close friends now and I feel great about it.

So if you are feeling stuck, possibly feel as if you are growing away from your lifelong friends, its ok. If they are meant to be your friends forever, they will grow with you, and if they don't, that's ok too.

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