Motivational Monday #9: Relax, Just do it...

Monday, April 7, 2014

Seems like an easy thing to do right, relaxing. More often then not I find it one of the most difficult things to do. I cannot let my body relax. I am always tensed up and clenching my teeth or tapping my foot. I even have restless legs when I sleep. I am forever on edge and I hate that about myself. My theory is lately that if something is going badly in my life I need to analyze and stress about it and if its going good I am continually waiting for the other shoe to drop and end up not enjoying the good.
This was demonstrated this past weekend. I was at a great concert in the city with great people and all I could do was stress about what was going wrong and I was paranoid about things that, rationally, I knew probably wouldn't happen. I could not sit back and enjoy that one of my favorite bands was playing a mere 10 feet from where I was standing.
This I believe is one of my worst flaws. I do not think of this as shaming myself for admitting that I have flaws or that it makes me a pessimist or whatever. I am a firm believer in admission helping the healing. If you can't admit to yourself when you need help or that your doing something you shouldn't be, you will never break the habit and long term will cause more harm. So this Motivational Monday may not be as uplifting as most, but what I am trying to say with it is, relax and enjoy the ride, admit when you have done wrong, but don't apologize for being you either.
Have a good week!

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