Motivational Monday #12: Good Vibrations

Monday, April 28, 2014

I am a true believer in karma. I believe that we are rewarded by doing good. I believe that everyone has the fate and luck they deserve. What you put out into this world matters. Someone is always watching, it could be any god you believe in, it could be Santa, it could just be your boss or teacher, but making sure that you let them see the best of you at all times will give you a leg up on getting the most out of life. 
Life may seem unfair, but just knowing that at the end of the tunnel there is a light will give you more energy to keep going then you know. Sometimes the road is really bumpy and there may be an accident or two on the way to the destination, but the effort is almost always rewarded.

I don't have any life stories or personal anecdotes to accompany todays entry because I am still in the start of my journey, I haven't received the big pay off at the end, but just knowing that its coming gives me hope, and whats life without a little hope.

Happy Monday!

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