Motivational Monday #11: Decisions, Decisions...

Monday, April 21, 2014

"Fear has overcome me. I have become paralyzed and fallen back into familiar habits. I have failed." 
You can't let these become you, these words are poison and will not let you accomplish anything. Over this journey of life, I have realized that nothing good ever came from me saying "No". You have to make a conscience effort to start deciding to do things and saying yes for things to start happening. It will be a pretty boring life if you don't. The old adage is, you don't remember the nights you stayed at home in your pajamas in thirty years, you remember the nights you accomplished dreams and met new people and started becoming the you that you could be proud of. 

So goals for the week:
Say yes to at least one opportunity you normally wouldn't.
Make a decision that you are proud of and maybe have been putting off.

Happy Monday!

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