Beautiful Fridays #3 - Conceal, Don't Feel

Friday, February 7, 2014

If you think by the title this post is about Frozen (Disney's newest cash cow) then I have done my job by tricking you into reading this. Yes I am evil, I know. (I am also obsessed with Frozen, who isn't)

I, like many people, struggle with the dreaded dark circles under my eyes. I have searched and searched for something to help them and to no avail. Today I thought I would share with you the recent concealers I have tried and pros and cons to each.

Maybelline - Dream Lumi Concealer
$7.99 - Most drug stores 
Pros: Even though this is a liquid, I didn't need to set it with a powder and it stayed in place. I have fairly dry skin so that helps, but it had pretty great lasting power on its own. It did for the most part cover my blueness.

Cons: There is hardly any product in that tube, and you have to use a lot more in comparison to other products. I also was not to keen on the amount of highlighter in it. In some light I felt very shiny.

Benefit - The Fake Up Concealer
$29.00 - Sephora
Pros: I really loved this concealer. With my dry skin, I really appreciated the moisturizing feature. The lightest of the three shades also matched my skin quite well. The coverage was better than most and its staying power was about 6 hours with a powder and setting spray.

Cons: This was expensive. Even compared to other high-end makeup brands. I also had to set it and this tended to dry out the rest of my face, which is fine in the summer, but not possible in winter. There is also little amounts of product. I went through this stick in less than 2 months. With the price and amount of product, though it is great, I would not recommend.

Benefit - Boi-ing Concealer
$26.00 - Sephora
Pros: I thought since I had good luck with coverage with the more expensive Benefit concealer, I would give another one ago. This potted concealer was good at lasting and coverage was so-so. I ended up pairing it with the Maybelline one above and it worked pretty nicely. I also didn't have to set it.

Cons: The consistency is somewhat drying, which once again is fine in summer, but I tend to flake in winter and it was not looking very nice. I also thought that application was sometimes difficult. The potted packaging made using a brush imperative. I used my fingers because it smoothed it into my skin better. The coverage was also the wrong tone to cover my blueish circles. If you have the green toned circles, you might have better luck.

Rimmel - Wake Me Up Concealer
$9.99 - Most drug stores

I have honestly just started using this and so far so good, but  I have not been using it long enough to give an honest opinion. I will fill you in at a later date.

As you can see, the struggle is real with my problem. I think next time I will take the multiple recommendations I have received and go with the Benefit Erase Paste. I have been told on multiple occasions that it is a holy grail for under eye circles and blemish coverage. But feel free to leave your recommendations of concealers for me in the comments, and share with your friends.

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