and with that the new year begins...

Friday, January 3, 2014

Here's to an exciting new year!
 I have never been opposed to change, but as I sit here writing this, my first blog post ever, I can't help but wonder if the change of the new year is ever a bad thing. Yes there is the problematic first few weeks where you write last years date on all of your important documents, but with the change of date comes new opportunities that you may not have thought about before. I myself never considered making a blog before, but here I am writing to you because I made a resolution to document this year as best I can. This year is going to be great. This year will be filled with change, yes, but also full of travel, chasing dreams I never thought could happen and hopefully, meeting new people. I am writing this to bring all of you, my readers along. 

Even if no one reads this I want to make a dent in this world, leave behind some record of me. If you Google my name the only thing that appears is my various social media pages and some article of a girl of the same name that had a baby without knowing she was pregnant. I want someone to know what I am about and what I have contributed to this world.

So back to resolutions, which is why I am here. Though documentation was my first goal, it has snowballed since. This year I (along with a good chunk of the world) have vowed to get healthy. To put it bluntly, I am MORBIDLY OBESE. (Like that pun with the big letters?) I want to change this. Its not that I am bowing into social norms and need to shed pounds to fit into a materialistic idea of what beauty is. No, I just want to feel better, feel healthy, feel good, etc... So you can also expect some interesting posts about obscure health fads that I will try, good recipes and maybe, just maybe posts about exercise.

You will also note that I am extremely addicted to beauty and expensive, unnecessary beauty products. So expect that to be peppered into the mix as well.

Well if you like what I have previewed for you here, subscribe to my blog, or share it with your friends. It won't hurt my feelings if you don't but in my opinion you will be missing out on a great story or a major fail unfold, who wants to miss out on that? It is said that the human race feeds on great success and extreme failure, all of which I think are fun to read about.

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