Motivational Monday #2 - Decluttering Your Life

Monday, January 27, 2014

Happy Monday!!

The last few weeks I have spent organizing and re-doing my bedroom. I have gotten new furniture, new storage and wonderfully comfortable new bedding. I really like the change. It feels clean, more refreshing and I actually sleep better at night knowing that everything is where it should be. My dog on the other hand hates it. She will not sleep in the new bedding and doesn't even like how I have moved the furniture.

In the process of re-doing my room, I found a lot of knick-knacks and trinkets and books that have been collecting dust for years either on my messy bookshelves or in a box in my closet (taking up space that shoes could otherwise fill). I reminisced about high school and friends that I no longer have, thought about how things change and its not always a bad thing. I also realized that while these trinkets were great placeholders for memories past, I would much rather keep the memory and save the space for new things that can create new memories.

Some tips to help you out:
  • Make a yearly notebook and write down quick, small notes to read back later and jog the memory
  • Make a blog and document it electronically, it doesn't have to be public.
  • Take pictures
  • Talk about the memories often. Laughing and reminiscing about the old times is great, but make sure to remain present as well.
Letting go of the material things in life is no big deal. It is the memories that should be cherished. So go forth and organize, purge. Make room for the new. Your whole self will feel better and your space will look better as well without it all. (less dusting time to!!) 

In the comments let me know if you have recently done a purge and how it affected your well being.

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