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Monday, January 13, 2014

Alright so I have taken a week to recuperate from the massive amounts of people that read this blog? (just kidding...there is like two of you...hi mom) Anyways I have also taken this week to think about what exactly it is I want to talk about with you, my people. I have come up with the following schedule that will commence on January 20th, 2014.

Mondays will now and forever (until i choose to change it anyways) be known as MOTIVATIONAL MONDAYS. This is much like how most bloggers do it. I will have a stylized picture, quote or combination of the two, that I found inspiring or just pretty. I will ramble on about how I see the world through the eyes of the image. Deep right?

Tuesdays are going to be Tasty (maybe thirsty) Tuesday's. With my new health kick I am on the hunt for innovative and delicious meals, snacks or drinks (occasionally of the alcoholic variety) that are low on calories, but big on taste. I will take a new recipe each week and make it and give a review on taste, difficulty to prepare, etc. Leave recipes in the comments if you have suggestions.

Why Not Wednesday's will be my day to just shoot the shit. Miscellaneous if you will. Everything will be touched on and nothing is off the table. If you have questions you want to ask me, if I have questions I want to ask you. Pretty much anything goes!

Thursday's are going to be pretty quick little posts. They will include updates on my weight loss, stories of my struggles with my resolutions and just real life tidbits that may or may not tickle your interests.

Friday is going to be reserved for my obsessions, very expensive makeup products. On this day you will find anything from a haul, hair tutorial, makeup tutorial, review of a beauty product, rant of a beauty product or maybe even a giveaway (when I have more than just my mother to give it to).

So there you have it folks...if you didn't notice that means that there will be 5 posts a week!! As long as I do not burn out or loose my passion for writing this blog, it will happen. So if you have any words of encouragement, now would be the time to say it.

For the remainder of this week I will have 1-2 posts giving you a deeper insight into me as a person. If you have any pressing questions about me, leave them in the comments!

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