Beautiful Fridays #1 - Beauty Faves of the Moment

Friday, January 24, 2014

As I told you in my very first post, I am addicted to high-end makeup and beauty products. Fridays will be reserved for this. Today I am telling you my can't live without products that I always seem to steer back to.

Hair Products

Sally Hershberger Keratin Spray
Ulta - $12.99
 (can be found in Canada at Shopper's Drug Mart for the same price)
I put this in my hair after showering and my hair brushes super easily and if I blow dry it, it reduces the fuzziness of my lions mane.

Wet Brush
Amazon - $8.99
(Can be found in most salons for $15)
This brush is a miracle. Period. If you need convincing, go watch this video.

Face Products

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion

Sephora - $32.00
I have scaly gross skin on my forehead and cheeks. I discovered this lotion about 2.5 years ago and I would never change, not even for all the tea in China (and I love tea).


Urban Decay Naked Palette
Sephora - $62.00
I am talking the original. I think that all the shades blend great and are all complimentary to each other. How I use this palette is an entire post on its own! (hmmm....good idea)

Benefit Dandelion Powder Box
Sephora - $36.00
This shade is the perfect sun-kissed pink in the summer and in winter gives your cheeks that pink, cold glow.

Lip Products

Nivea Lip Butter
Amazon - $3.99
(can be found in most department stores and drug stores)
Summer hydrating and lasts for a long time. I generally will put it on before doing my makeup and my lips are good for any gloss or lipstick I choose.

MAC Ruby Woo (Retro Matte Collection)
MAC Cosmetics - $18.00
If you are looking for the PERFECT shade of red, look no further. I was so afraid to try a red lip, low and behold, it suits me better than most colors. I also love the matte finish as it drys really well, leaving a great color pay off that lasts. I have also seen it look good on most skin tones, making it very versatile.

Well that is all folks. I am sure there is much more I can rave about, but we will leave that for another day. 
Post in the comments what your favourite beauty product is or if you want a further review of something I mentioned in this post.

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