Weight-Loss Wednesdays #2 - The Struggle Is Real...

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Struggles of the Week: This week I have had some fall down moments. I drank pop :(, I have not eaten enough veggies and I did not weigh or measure myself once. Bad Paige, I know.

WIN of the Week: In an effort to save some money and eat better, on Sunday I made some veggie wraps with avocado, peppers, egg whites, a bit of cheese and whole wheat small wraps. I just froze a bunch and throw them in the microwave before leaving for work. They are DELICIOUS!! I actually enjoy them more than the calorie filled ones from Tim Hortons. Paired with an Earl Grey Tea with almond milk in the morining and I am full up and not having any cravings until lunch time.

Goal for the Week: I am going to make an effort to go for walks. Long term, I want to be able to run and enjoy it, but once again, I am on the baby steps plan.

The journey continues...

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