Motivational Monday #1 - Dealing With the BIG Things

Monday, January 20, 2014

Welcome to Motivational Mondays!! Every dreaded Monday comes, but I am here to give you some insight into how to change that negative to a positive!

 Even I get kind of sick of myself reading that back. That being said, I am one of the worst culprits for being a Negative Nancy at the beginning of the week. I am usually tired from my weekend sleep schedule, hungry because I never went and replenished my breakfast food on the weekend or just plain grumpy knowing what my week  lies ahead. But fear not my lovelies, I have had an epiphany. Mondays should not be seen as an inevitability, but embraced as a day that can be used to follow through on everything we said we would do. Time is always our enemy when it comes to conquering the big projects in life, but what does everyone use Monday as? A day to mope around, feeling sorry and tired and just not fully participating in their own life.

So drive on my people, organize your makeup collection, vacuum your apartment, go for a walk, eat a salad. Do something to make your valuable time worth while. I have decided (coinciding with my aforementioned resolutions here) that to fill my downtime I am writing this blog, documenting the big things in life, and the small things. The small things are generally what teaches us how to accomplish the big things, or to know which things should be valued more than others.

So what does this quote really have to do with what I am saying? Well if we start to utilize Mondays for the entire 24 hours of time it is, we will have the energy to accomplish a lot more. The fear of the storm is lessened by the addition of time, the lessening of stress and the understanding to fully grasp what it is you set out to do. As this quote says you will learn how to sail that ship, you just need the time to do it. I myself think that a handsome sailor to do the steering would be nice as well, but a girl can only dream, right?

Let me know in the comments what your big things in life are right now, or what small things you use to conquer the Monday blues.

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